SmileyHouse Mod Section

Last Update: 10/20/04 (Added jailtime cmds)
Welcome to the mod section of the SmileyHouse website. If you got here, you are most likely either a mod or an admin.
Remember that your account status can be changed at any time for any reason.

Note that there are 4 levels of admin.

Level0 - User
Level1 - Mod
Level2 - Admin
Level3 - Server Admin

Here is a quick list of what these user levels can do:

/pmsg      - Send a private Pop-up message to a player
/mute       - Disallow a player to chat
/unmute   - Allow a player to chat
/nomail     - Disallow a player to send out SmileyMail
/yesmail   - Allow a player to send out SmileyMail

/kick         - Disconnect a player from the server
/court       - Send a player to court for trial or witness
/jail           - Send a player to jail (with a jail time of 300 minutes. Please modify this!)

/setjailtime - Sets the jailTime of a given user (in minutes), example: /setjailtime Code6226 30
/free          - Free a player from court/jail

/msg        - Send a Pop-up message to all currently playing players
/disable   - Disallow the user (account) to login
/enable    - Allow the user (account) to login

/getemail - Retrive user's E-Mail address
/ban         - Lookup a user's IP and ban it
/banip      - Ban an IP
/unbanip  -  Un-Ban an IP
/judge      - Send a mod or admin to court as judge
/userlist   - See IPs
/report     - Get alerted when others do /report

/x nukeitems – Removes all items in a room

Before you use any of these, be sure to read through the rules of conduct in the Help section of the SmileyHouse client.

Stuff to keep in mind:
-Help new players
-Give (a) warning(s) before taking action
-Take action that fits the crime
  -No increasing the punishment
to "set an example"
  -Be tolerant when users use curse words (unless they are bothering another user)
       -The curse word(s) must be bothering a user (Any Mod or Admin that is offended by cursing should ask to be demodded, as they will have to deal with it)

-A bothered user will voice his feelings, therefore Mods/Admins should usually not ask if the words are bothering anyone
-Don't use your powers for personal gain or the gain of your group/clan/squad...whatever it may be
-Don't advertise your powers
-Do not abuse your powers! Use common sense.

Max Enforcement by Mods and Admins:

Offense Type

1st Offense Max Punishment

2nd Offense Max Punishment

3rd Offense(+) Max Punishment


30 Minute Mute

1 Day Mute and/or Jail

Eternal Mute

Typing in all CAPS



1 Day Mute


1 Week Disable / Jail

Eternal Disable

Eternal Ban


Warning / Jail

1 Day Disable

1 Week Disable

Threatening, stalking, and/or harassing

Disable Account / Contact Staff




Disable Account / Contact Staff

Eternal Ban


Advertising Exploits

Warning (/report the exploit)

1 Day Mute / Jail

1 Week Mute

Lying in Court

Eternal Ban



Note that high punishments allow for lower punishments to be used instead. For example, if disable account is allowed, you can also mute. The order from low to high is: "Kick, Mute, Jail, Disable, Ban"
Note that Staff is not limited by this chart. Staff have Super Admin status.

Note that "Taping Down Keys" counts as using a device to control your character. The punishment for this action should not exceed kicking the user. You must be sure that the user is in fact taping down a key, and is not holding the key down in person. If the user admitted to being away from the keyboard or away from the game, AND is still in motion, the user can be kicked. However, please note that continuously moving upwards by itself is not punishable, so be sure to allow users to do so.
It is not your duty to kick idle users, but you may do so in the following manner:
-If you believe a user is idle, please use room chat to ask the user if he is there
-Wait for at least 30 minutes in that room for a reply
-If there is none, /pmsg the user, and tell the user to PM you back ASAP
-Wait at least an additional 45 minutes for a reply by PM (You may leave the room)
-If there is no reply, you may kick the user for reason: Idling

-If there is a dispute between 2 players, it can be settled in court
-Mods can go to court and send others into court
-Admins can be judge or make a mod a judge (normal users can not be made judge)
-If the dispute includes a Mod as the defendant or plaintiff, an admin must be the judge
-If both players have an accusation against the other, these must be heard separately (2+ court cases)
-Once it is clear who is the defendant and who is the plaintiff for the current case, the plaintiff must state his exact accusation
-At this time, the plaintiff may not be interrupted by the defendant unless the judge allows the plaintiff to question the defendant or a witness
-When the plaintiff is finished describing the details of the accusation (this must be confirmed by the judge), it is the defendant's turn to plead guilty or to explain the situation
-Now the defendant may not be interrupted by the plaintiff unless the judge allows the defendant to question the plaintiff or a witness
-After the defendant is done, the judge has full control over deciding who gets to talk and calling witnesses
-The judge makes the decision of the defendant's guilt of the plaintiff's accusation. The judge can not rule the defendant as guilty of any offense that was not stated by the plaintiff at the start of the case.
-However, if another charge was brought up in the case, another court session can be held with the new charge
-Only admins may enforce the final ruling of the judge (if the judge is a mod, s/he must pass his ruling onto an admin who will be responsible for the punishment)
-It is therefore advised that the admin (which will enforce the punishment of the mod judge) stays in the court for the whole duration of the case

Now that we got that out of the way, here's the format for mod/admin commands:
/pmsg USER MESSAGE   (ex. /pmsg FryGuy Stop telling people to kill that poor guy!)
/mute  USER REASON (ex. /mute FryGuy Being mean to a player)
/unmute USER REASON (ex. /unmute FryGuy I'm giving him another chance)
/yesmail  USER REASON

/msg MESSAGE (ex. /msg Please watch out for the poisoned water)
/disable USER REASON

/getemail USER REASON
/unbanip USER REASON

Note: You can also use /court, /jail, /free, and /judge without any parameters to use them on yourself

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