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Tell me your vitals (name, country, etc
I'm known as LittleWashu / Vash / Code6226, and I live in Florida.

What is the story line (if any
You are thrown into this dimension where smiley faces have evolved and outlived humans. The rest you have to find out for yourself!

How is this game unique
Well, ever had a deathmatch with a smiley face over who gets the riceball for dinner?

How is it not (Inventory systems, etc
There is an Inventory system and you can buy and sell things. Sorry about that. :P

What about your games name
SmileyHouse (

How do you expect to give your players a sense of achievement?
There should always be that one more thing you can get. Since the game is still in (pre)alpha, this is not the case, as a few of the player have already gotten everything (aka. Portable Akira). ;) But I'm working on a lot more stuff to do and to get.

How are you trying to reward skill (as opposed to how much time your players have)?
The strategy in action based combat, when fighting bunnies for example.

How much time are you putting into this game
A lot. lol. I've been working on it for about a year now.

What one coding technique thing are you most proud of (in MMF
I don't have any single algorithm that I love the most. But, unlike many, I use server side code whenever possible. While this is very easy to implement with chats (and other apps), but it can often be a hard for games. This is because in games, there are no special people, who may frag others and not get fragged by others (as oppose to admins in chats, who are the only ones who may mute others). Check my MMFOnline site for more info.

If you could add one realistic feature to MooClick/Game what would it be?
Add? Nah, let's just fix MooGame's dead reckoning.

How will your game react to lag?
It will scream "PH34R D4 L4G!" and self-destruct.

Describe the graphics style
Not realistic. No attempts at realism were made.

How will your players affect other players (combat systems, etc
They can fight each other, trade items, leave items behind for others to find, and team up on monsters (or players).

If you could choose between making a good game and getting recognition, or making a VERY good game and getting none - which would you choose
I'd rather make a great game with lot's of players, and play among them, under a different name even, without getting any recognition by them.

As a designer, when would you feel you have "succeed" with the game?
What is my goal? To make a game that people play together and have fun. Looks like I succeeded to me.

Tell me some history about the game (how you thought of it, etc.
This game idea goes back to when Moo2 was commercial. The first version of SmileyHouse was done in Moo2. It had only one room. Neither login system, nor any rpg features at all. You'd just enter the room, and fight. You could change weapons, but only by entering (for the most part) secret commands. There was a primitive admin system. Whoever killed the King, became King (admin). When you were killed, you lost any admin powers. It was fun to play for about a minute. Then a few years later, I was in New York with my laptop, MooClick, and no Internet. That's when the new version of SmileyHouse was born.

What experience do you have in MOO?
I've been using it since the Moo2 days.

What three extensions (excluding MOO, and simple default ones like buttons) do you think have most aided this game?
    1 - Fast Function
    2 - String Parser
    3 - Fast Loop

Who has helped you make this game possible (brainstormers, coding help, graphics, etc.
Download the game, check the credits. OK, fine. I'll mention you, Joshtek (Brainstormer). :P

How will you encourage teamwork?
Still working on more ways, but right now there is: Teaming up on a poor defenseless bunny, and teaming up on an uber-gamer. (Do no attempt) :P

What other projects are you working on or planning
Nothing official

One tip of advice to people planning on making their own multiplayer games
Don't use IMI files! :P

How seriously are you taking security?
Very, very seriously. lol

Was this project more difficult than you expected
No, this project was bigger than I expected, but not more difficult.

Anything else you want to say
PH34R D4 R1C3B4LL!

Now, ask me a question
Where do I get Riceballs?
The anwser: SmileyHouse!