Sorry, this game was cancelled around 2010.

Smiley Country - The Golden Age

It's your world now.

What do you get when you take the incomprehensible land of Smiley House, add a dimension of freedom, and leave the country in the hands of the people?

Your country is what you make it. What role will you take in shaping it?

A major difference compared to other MMORPGs is the amount of freedom this online multiplayer RPG gives the player. The focus here is user interaction, not just mindlessly killing random critters for all of eternity.
SmileyCountry lets the user take on many roles. "It's your world now" isn't just a catchy slogan. (Although you have to admit that it is catchy, right? :P) You will actually shape the country.
Yes, this includes physically, as you will be able to plant trees and contruct homes. However, it goes way beyond the physical sense, in that you can also chose to lead your country by taking on a governing position.

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