Smiley House

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Arrow Keys - Walk Around
Backspace - Pick up Item (which you are standing on)
Enter - Use chat (hit once, type your message, hit again to send)
\ - Talk to NPC (Very useful, also used for Stores, Class leaders)
F5 - Move Inventory to your mouse (may hold down)
Shift - Use first selected Power / Skill (attack, fish, teleport, so on...)
Control - Use second selected Power / Skill
F12 - Suicide (useful when you are lost)
To change these and see more of them, see the Action Controls in the pre-game Options screen.

Chosing a Class
The first thing you want to do is pick a class. There are five. You can change between classes at any time.
Classes are:
Solder - Has guns, rocket launcher, grenades
Mage/Magician - Fireballs, Iceballs, Energy Blast, Full Screen Damage
Guard - Protects himself and his friends. Can carry a large weight of items. (See below)
Knight - Bow and Arrow, Knives, Swords, Maces, so on...
Builder - You can set mines, health stations, and teleportation gates down

When you first start the game, you are classless. You are at a serious disadvantage to every other class in every way, so change to a class as soon as you can, even if you don't care to fight. See below on instructions on how to do this.

You can fight whenever you feel like. There is no exclusive battle screen or anything.  You see a player, you can shoot a bullet at his face just like you can always randomly shoot a bullet. If you see a Monster running about, blast it instead of player. Defeat it, and get cash/items.
Yes, you can team up on monsters or other players. This is an action MMORPG. If you and a friend want to team up on a bunny, just shoot at it, both of you. Team work! :)
Note that some rooms are peaceful. No fighting can happen there, and you will not be able to attack if you try.

Changing your class
So, go to the SH Council (up from Lobby, which is left from Hospital). If you want my advice, become a Soldier first. It's an easy class to get started with. Like I said, you can change classes at any time! You just need to go to the SH Council to do it.
So, walk up to the Sarge, and press the / button to talk to him.
When you talk to people, you see a list of topics that you can talk about. Some topics have actions. Double click topics to perform the action.
When talking to the Sarge, one topic will be "Become Soldier". Double click it, and you are a Soldier! ^_^

Smiley House - The Central Building of the Game
Changing your class happens inside Smiley House (The game was named after this building, since it is central to the game). Here's a run down of what is in Smiley House:

If you die, you respawn here. There is an energy field that will restore you HP up to 100 if you hit the "use" button ( / by default)

Here's an NPC. This room connects other rooms

SH Council
All the Class leaders are here. Go here to change your class!

Have a drink, get into a bar fight, have some pretzels (they are free and restore your health up to 100). It's all good.

There are some arenas down here. These are rooms designed for fighting. All optional, but fun. You need a key to get in here (found via a quest).

This is your PRIVATE room. You can walk in here, and nobody else can get to you. You can also drop your items in this room for secure storage.

Items / Inventory
The inventory system works wonders. There are all sorts of items. You will probably start shaking some trees to get some apples. You can then left click the item (here: apple) in your inventory to use it (here: eat it), or right click to drop it. If you drop an item, it will remain on the floor FOREVER or until someone else picks it up. If you drop a bunny fur today, and then come back in a month, it will still be there (unless someone else picked it up). It's all stored on the server.
Items will restore health and/or hunger, depending on the item.

MaxWeight - Chose what to bring on your journey wisely
Anyway, so you just got into the game. You will want to chose a class. Your character's MaxWeight will change based on your class. The MaxWeight is how much stuff you can carry in your inventory. This is important, cause there is a LOT of stuff to be carried. Weapons and things will reside in your inventory just like other items. So if you are going mining, you may not want to bring too many weapons, cause minerals can be quite heavy.

Now you may want to try to do some Quests. If you want the Fishing Rod (which is useful, because there is Hunger, which  eating fish reduces), you will have to do some quests.
I recommend starting with the Fight Trainer. Here's how to find him. Walk south from Smiley House. Walk Left (you will see a Cave. There is a dungeon in this cave. This is also where you Mine). Walk south. You will see a weird little fellow next to a fence. That's your man. Press \ next to him. He hates bunnies, so get ready to slay some.

The Food Store, You, and Hunger
Hunger is a terrible enemy. Buy some food at the Food Store. You can also sell a lot of your own produced wares here. I recommend cooking fish, and bunny meat before selling it (worth ~2x as much). This store can be found, going south twice from Smiley House.
Selling is quite simple. Show your inventory (click the little button or press your assigned Show Inventory key). Then stand close to the store keeper, and drag an item onto him. He will ask you how many items you wish sell of that kind, and then you get your money. ^_^

Dress For Success
It's important to look unique in a game where lots of other players will see you. Smiley House makes this task easy. Clothing articles must be bought, but they will not take up space or weight in your inventory, unlike most other things. To get started, click the Outfit Selector icon on the bottom left on the screen. You will be presented with Bases, Emotions, Accessories. You can now mix and match. The base is the basic ball of your smiley character: Usually yellow with a black circle. You can also change the emotion. This is your eyes and mouth's expression. The Accessory is anything that's on your face/head, like a hat. Happy dressing! ;)

Misc Skills (aka. Things to get rich without combat)
Mining is the rich man's sport. It costs a bunch to get a pickaxe, but minerals you get from mining are worth a lot. Just go to the Cave to mine, buy, and sell mining materials.

Get a fishing rod, equip it (left click the item in your inventory). Then walk over water, and press the Use key (Shift or Control, depending on where you equipped it).

You need matches or a Fireball (Mage class). If you find either, go find Logs or a Tree, and set it on fire. Yes, you can set any tree on fire. It's fun! ^_^ Then just drag an item from your inventory onto the Tree/Logs to cook them. Oh, to use matches, just drag them onto a tree/logs.

Tree Shaking
Easy, gets you apples. All you need to do it 'Use' a tree. Get as close to a tree as you can, and press your use key ( / ). If you have problems, try walking it's the tree diagonally (from the top-left, for example).

Player Login Information
Your character if fully stored on the server. If you start a player on your home PC, you can log on from your friend's house and keep playing right where you left off. There is no need to "save your game". This is a MMORPG! Every action you take is 'saved' in real time on the server. You can close the window at any point, and when you open the game back up at some point later, your character will still be exactly as it was, even if you log on from a different PC. None of your player stats are saved on your own PC. That would be laughable!