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This is just a quick site with SH stuff :)


This is the best we could find out about the history of SmileyHouse, it is mainly based on the journals of the McGribber family.

Once upon a time...many years ago, long before you were born (youngster) in a town we think was called SmileTown Smileys spent most of there time gambling, they loved gambling and the Olde Arcade was a very crowded place.

One day, or as it was night, whilst most of the Smileys were gambling a dragon set fire to the local stationary shop,
the giant beast swooped and roared and by the time the Smileys had got water from the local well the shop was just ashes on the floor.

For many years the dragon burnt or ate the poorly built houses, until Greg McGribber searched for the best Warriors on the land.
Under Greg's leadership they stole magic from the Dragon; who was a magical beast, and used the SmileyHouse to train the weak Smileys,
some were powerful soldiers using the latest technology, some learnt how to use the Magic stolen from the beast, and a few got together and figuired out methods of defending there establishments from attack.

Luckily for the Smileys there new campaign was a success, sending the dragon to a far away land.
Now, generations later the people of SmileTown need new recruits, so that if the evil being returns we can fight back, or even attack it where it lies to make sure it does not return.

This may seem an easy task, but alot of our recruits have used the powers which led us to victory to FIGHT EACH OTHER, we do NOT like such reckless activity. How can you get better you ask, well you can train on the many weird creatures in the Forest - just make sure you don't make them extinct ;)

Well, now you known it, SmileyHouse was made for training, your enemy is the Dragon and not each other, and you probably like gambling.


Armour  floor((AM+AS)/200) 
Your armour (extra health, AKA +HP) is your Guards Anti-Soldier and Anti-Mage EXP added together and divided by 200.

If you stay on the health recharger (in the hospital) after it gives you 100hp it starts to give you your armour.

Even the best fisher will have to wait for a fish to come along...
so getting high EXP  won't make it quicker (just better fish and more likely you can pull it in).. .but build 112 WILL make it quicker..YAY!
LVL Stats/info
   50% chance of catching small fish
0   50% chance of catching nothing

50   80% chance of catching small fish
50   20% chance of catching nothing

200 90% chance of catching small fish
200 10% chance of catching nothing

250 80% chance of catching small fish
250 20% chance of catching medium fish

500 60% chance of catching small fish
500 30% chance of catching medium fish
500 5% chance of catching large fish

750 60% chance of catching small fish
750 20% chance of catching medium fish
750 20% chance of catching large fish

1250 40% chance of catching small fish
1250 30% chance of catching medium fish
1250 30% chance of catching large fish

Hunger and weight
You have to eat food or you'll be too hungry to do things, the more items you have the heavier you weigh.
You can only weigh up to 200 so type /stats to see you weight

Cooking, etc
Once you get your matches from the SmileyHouse you can light a log and start cooking,
I recommend you cook apples till 300 cooking exp, then just stay on bunnies...maybe starting fish at 100.

To get "Bunny Skinning" skill up faster, give the meat to the fighting trainer.

Fighting tips
In a battle room (a room where you can fight) press F6 to lock a door, and F7 to unlock a door,
If a door is locked your enemies can't escape, it gets automatically unlocked if you die or teleport out.

Before fighting always make sure you have a lot of ammo and full health,
if you are a powerful mage you could put on a weak spell to entice opponents, by making them thing your low level.

Magician class

Magician         Description                        Mana    Exp     Exp/Mana    Damage     Required Xp (to buy)
Cloak               Semi Transparent(115/128) 5         1         .2                                         0
Flash                Screen Flashes                    15        2         .133               1                   1
Fireball            Hurts target                         30        9         .3                 35                  30
Freezer            Freezes target                     100     15         .15                                    50
Invisible           Very Transparent(127/128) 50       10        .2                                    100
Energy Blast    InstaGib                             200      80       .4                100               500
????                  Full room                           50000? 200?   .2?                90?              15000?

Soldier Class

Guard Class


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