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Rumour has it, SmileyHouse used to look different, this is what it looked like
(no, it was just your perception that changed, it has always been how it is now - ed)

>Old Lobby
>Old Fight Zone
>Old Mini-game

Do you have an emotion you cannot express?
Well, now you can make your emotions!

Right click on either of the images (bottom one has shading, I think) and select save/save target as.
modify them, then e-mail them to , try to make them a GIF which is ZIPPED, under 30k :D

The emissary to the gods "LittleWashu" may be able to do anything, but the other mods/admins can't!
Their powers only extend to what may be useful for being a mod, stuff like sending people to court and banning...
THEY DO NOT AUTOMATICALLY GET SUPER FIGHTING POWERS, they must earn them like everyone else :)

Well, I started earning money by playing on the slots...but that's a risky thing.
One good way it to try "TreePunching", you walk up to a tree with no weapon equipped and press the fire button,
in the long term I expect that Fishing is the best, since as you get better you can catch more expensive fish (see page1).

Oh, don't forget that killing bunnies can make you lots of $$$, when you good you can sell the fur and the cooked bunny meat... cool, eh!
You just attack the bunnies like you would another SH person, but they do fight back so you might want some armour (see page1)

*NEW & UPDATED (March 2k3)*

Name Buying price    Selling price   Shop   aprox lvl to cook   +HP -HUNGER
Apple 10 1 Food 0 0 10
*Apple   3 Food   0 30
Small Fish 15 10 Food 300 10 5
*Small Fish   22 Food      
Medium Fish 90 80 Food 1000    
*Medium Fish   125 Food   30 90
Big Fish 200 160 Food 5000    
*Big Fish 250 Food
??? Fish 500
Bunny Meat 10 3 Food 350    
*Bunny Meat   10 Food      
Piece of Cake 40   Food      
Fries 15   Food      
Soda 10   Food      
Chips 15   Food      
Salad 9   Food      
Fur   75 Food      
Health Pack     Hospitl      
Stamp     PostOf      

I do not have a good chart of skinning difficulty, if you give your fur to the fight trainer he gives you exp...but only if your under 300 skinning.
I am 350 skinning exp and have aprox. 50/50 chance
Killing Bunnies *trick*
To kill bunnies without losing mana/money you have to punch them, unfortunately this means when they chase you they will be close....
I recommend you try to overlap them (you and them be over each other), then they don't bite!

Well, I can't just tell you the secret, but I *can* tell you how to find it yourself... somewhere in the world you press DEL (delete key) and it transports you to a secret hideout... think that it would be somewhere where the entrance could be concealed behind...nevermind.

I LIKE SH, BUT IS THERE ANY OTHER mooRPGs? has the list of em all, there's also a page on